Wazinit helps you take the mystery out of food before you eat it. Easily identify any trouble ingredients and connect with foods that meet your needs.


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Simple Results

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Save Time

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Our Story

There are millions of Americans suffering from Digestive Disease like me, and just like them, I’m tired of spending a ridonkulous amount of time reading food labels! Ingredient lists are inconsistent, hard to read, and who knows what carrageenan is?!

The WAZINIT team came together at Startup Weekend Tampa Bay, born from battles with digestive disease and years of hospital stays resulting in surgeries. After difficulties controlling it with medication, changing diet finally got things under control. With more than thirty ingredients in food that could cause a flare, the team formed around the pain of having to identify what's in it, and if it's safe to eat. You are what you eat, and that shouldn't be a mystery.



Team Leader
(...and very experienced Crohn's Patient)


Social Media Marketing


Technical Wizard

Our Mission: Open communication on both sides of the plate to take the mystery out of your meals.


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